George Talbot- Photos
Julia Kern- Assistant

Julia Kern- 406-570-8653

Julia Kern will be happy to answer all your questions and make all arrangements for you. At some point before the actual photoshoot she will arrange for you to talk with me.

Please feel free to contact the below list of models that I have worked with.

Liz Ashley: 832-338-5502
Melissa Trout: 828-335-9033
Benny Nikole:


I am currently looking for models for my fine figure photography projects. Some shots will be in my studio but weather permitting I prefer to shoot outdoors and Montana and Maine provide me with a vast selection of beautiful and natural backdrops.


Rates are negotiable.
Travel expenses paid.
I require models to sign a model release form which
I will provide.

If you are interested in working with me please contact my assistant Julia Kern.

EMAIL- Julia Kern-
PHONE- 406-570-8653